It’s always good to see teachers get the recognition they deserve.

This morning, I swung through the drive-thru at Mickey D’s to pick up my usual Egg McMuffin when I happened to notice a sign saying teachers were entitled to a free breakfast meal this week.

I figured since this was the first I had heard of it, certainly there were teachers out there who weren’t in the know, so I need to do my part to help get the word out.

Through this Friday (October 15), teachers can take advantage of McDonald’s free “Thank You” meals. Educators with a valid work I.D. can start their day off with a complimentary Egg McMuffin, a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit or a Sausage Biscuit along with Hash Browns and a beverage served up in a Happy Meal Box.

Joe Erlinger, President of McDonald’s USA says it’s an important time to thank our teachers:

Together with our Owner/Operators, we're proud to serve the people who make our communities a better place, and this is an important time to say thank you to some of our everyday heroes. We were honored to give away 12 million free Thank You Meals to first responders and healthcare workers last year and now, with educators going above and beyond, we're excited to recognize them in a way only McDonald's can.

From kindergarten to college, I’ve had several teachers who made a major, positive impact in my life. Now would be a great time to take a moment to make sure the teachers who’ve helped you along the way know they have a free breakfast coming their way. They’ve more than earned it.

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