Meghan Patrick offers a love ballad with a twist in her latest release, "Mama Prayed For," a song that recognizes that she might not necessarily be the kind of girl a mom might hope her son will choose as his partner. Between a tough attitude, a few vices and a hard-edged and hard-to-get-to-know personality, Patrick says she's hardly a stereotypical lady -- but despite her rough edges, she's hoping to find acceptance from her partner's family.

"Can't tell a heart what it can't do / Love's gonna love who it wants to / I'm yours, and baby, you're all mine," she sings in the soaring chorus. "You fell for rough around the edges / Got a thing for wild and reckless / Probably not what she had in mind / But God knows you're the man I was made for / Even if I ain't the kind of girl your mama prayed for."

Fans familiar with Patrick's social media presence have good reason to assume there's some autobiography behind the song. On Instagram, she can often be spotted in hunting gear or with a cigar in hand, sometimes alongside her fellow country artist boyfriend, Mitchell Tenpenny. With long, wavy hair, ripped jeans and tattoos blazing, Patrick's real-life persona seems to have plenty in common with the lyrics of the song.

"I bet she didn't get on her knees and pray: 'Dear Heavenly Father, please send down a 5'6, blonde, whiskey-drinking, tattoo-lovin', dip-spittin', four-letter-word-cussin'-when-she-speaks-her-mind woman to love my son,' but here I am," Patrick explains of the thought process that led her to write "Mama Prayed For" with co-writers Ben Stennis and James McNair. "It turns out that the most important thing we have in common is loving him."

"Mama Prayed For" previews Patrick's just-announced forthcoming album, Heart on My Glass, which also includes her previous release, "Never Giving Up on You." The singer co-wrote all 10 tracks on the project, which will be out in full on June 25.

Meghan Patrick, Heart on My Glass Tracklist:

1. "Heart on My Glass" (Meghan Patrick, Sam Sumser, Michael Lotten, Sean Small)
2. "Goes Good With Beer" (Patrick, Joey Hyde, Adam Craig)
3. "My First Car" (Patrick, Hyde, Craig)
4. "Never Giving Up on You" (Patrick, Victoria Banks, Karen Kosowski)
5. "Mama Prayed For" (Patrick, James McNair, Ben Stennis)
6. "Better Story" (Patrick, Blake Bollinger, Phil Barton)
7. "Where You Drink" (Patrick, Brent Anderson, Jake Mitchell)
8. "Cool About It" (Patrick, Carly Barlowe, Corey Crowder)
9. "Belong in Boots" (Patrick, Hyde, Fancy Hagood)
10. "Liar Too" (Patrick, Brian Davis, Ben Simonetti)

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