I really love the schools I attended, but we never did anything half as cool as this.

The Midway Independent School District is holding a Cattle Drive and Student Showcase on Tuesday, May 18th.

It seems the students had been reading Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove novel for a few weeks when he passed away last March. To honor the memory of one of Texoma's own, they decided to hold the Larry McMurtry Cattle Drive and Student Showcase.

Yup, these young Texans (along with their teachers and a lot of community support) decided to hold a full-on, old fashioned cattle drive. And they had the perfect place to do it. The Midway School in Southern Clay county.

The event will include a horse shoes contest, a cornhole contest, a hot dog contest and more. There will also be pioneer food, dummy roping, cowboy poetry, music and dancing, even a branding demo. There's also a water gun draw event that sounds like a great time.

Image Courtesy Midway Independent School District
Image Courtesy Midway Independent School District

That's how Texas celebrates and honors one of her own.

The Cattle Drive and Student Showcase will take place Tuesday, May 18th, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Midway School, 12142 State Highway 148 South, just over 10 miles South of Henrietta, Texas.

I can't help but thinking that Larry McMurtry would be honored by another generation of Texans appreciating what he's done with his novels and taking that vision into the future.

The event is free for students and community members. If you'd like to know more contact Lori Welch at the Midway School, 940-476-2215.

As Gus McCrae said, "It's been quite a party ain't it?"

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