Here's another way that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted peoples lives and perceptions. It used to be that we couldn't wait to get to a movie theater to experience the latest release from Hollywood. Not so much today. A new study of about 1,000 people indicated that we're not ready to see a new movie in a theater yet. We'd much rather see that same first-run film at home.

The survey was performed by a sports analytics firm, Performance Research, in cooperation with Full Circle Research Company and published recently in Variety.

Some of the results were a little surprising. When asked how likely they were to see a Broadway play in New York City 16% said they'd never go, 33% said they would either go right away or in a few weeks, and 51% said they would go in a few months.

On the question of seeing a new first-run movie that was available at either a movie theater or at home a full 70% said they'd rather watch it at home even if the cost was the same. Only 13% said they'd go to the cinema, while the remaining 17% weren't sure.

When it came to what type of movie might be most effective at luring them back into the theater seats the most popular answer was a comedy at 43%. Dramas came in second at 35%, and superhero action movies came in third at 33%. This would seem to indicate we'd rather have someone make us laugh right now than wow us with whiz-bang special effects.

On the subject of wearing face masks a full 61% said a face mask requirement would increase their likelihood of attending an event while only 16% said it would decrease the chances that they would show up.

Ultimately, the number one thing that would entice people back to movie theaters, live concerts, and sporting events is a reliable and quick cure for COVID-19.

With a year that's already played out more wildly than any movie plot could imagine, that might be the most unbelievable story line yet. The impacts of coronavirus COVID-19 seem to be much more far reaching than just the virus itself, they have extended into the very ways we live our lives.

You can read the full Variety story here.

Stay safe, have some fun, stay Falls Strong.


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