In a stunning display of recklessness, a motorist in Texas recently flipped their ATV while attempting to show off their driving skills.

That actually looked like a lot of fun right up until that last part.

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The video at the bottom of this article showcases what can happen if you get a little too cocky with your riding skills. Let's break it down.

The setup

The video opens with a hooded rascal riding an ATV up to a stoplight at an intersection on a Texas highway. Other than the angle he is approaching from, nothing looks amis.


The execution

The hooded man then hits the gas, leans to the side, and starts laying down the rubber as he spins like a top. So far so good, sir!


The fail

It's at this point that my man decides to fly a little too close to the sun.  He goes for one more spin and...


... he flips upside down and is thrown from the vehicle.  That had to hurt.  We couldn't find any follow-up information on wether or not this gentleman suffered any injuries from the stunt, so we hope he is ok. Check out the video for yourself below.


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