When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I was totally consumed with watching the space missions on TV, I read dozens of science fiction novels about space travel, I've watched countless movies over the years, and the closest I've been to space is flying at 30,000 feet in a commercial airliner.

If you have the right stuff, you can make your dream of being an astronaut come true because NASA just announced that they're accepting applications to be an astronaut.

You do have to meet certain qualifications, however. Among other things you must be a United States citizen, frequent travel will be required, there are some pretty stringent educational qualifications including at least one master's degree, you'll need to pass their long-duration space flight physical, and a few other things that they'll tell you about if you get past the basic stuff. You can see the complete list of qualifications here.

The online assessment can take up to two hours to complete, but hey, if it was easy everyone would be in space.

This is part of NASA's Artemis program to put the next man and woman on the moon by 2024 and is the first time NASA has opened up applications for astronauts in four years. Since the 1960s NASA has selected about 350 astronaut candidates for training and currently has 48 people in its active astronaut corps. The salaries start at just over $100k per year and the application deadline is March 31, 2020.

You can make your application online at USAJobs and who knows, you could be on your way to exploring the south pole of the moon or even Mars.

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