It's (almost) the most wonderful day of the year. I'm talking about National Coffee Day, and it's Sunday, September 29th.

The fact that National Coffee Day falls on a Sunday is a little bit of an extra bonus because Sunday mornings are when many of us have just a little more time and get to indulge in a second cup of joe.

To celebrate the occasion, several of our favorite coffee shops are offering specials on Sunday. For instance, Krispy Kreme is offering a free cup of coffee and original glazed donut at participating locations, you can buy one coffee and get another coffee free at participating Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday, even Circle K is getting in on the act with free coffee if you use their app. I reached out to Frank & Joe's Coffee House to ask if they had anything special planned and the barista I spoke with didn't know, but said anything they do would be promoted on the Frank & Joe's Facebook page.

Here are a few bits of useless information to ponder as you sip on your freshly brewed cup of happiness. 60% of us think that the simple act of brewing coffee makes our house smell better, 73% of us find the act of making coffee somewhat therapeutic, 79% of us add extra ingredients like sweetener and cream to our coffee, and a whopping 87% of us look forward to that first cup of coffee every morning. That kinda made me feel sad for the other 13%, but then I realized it just meant more coffee for the rest of us.

If your Sunday gets too busy to enjoy your coffee, have no fear, International Coffee Day is coming up on Tuesday, October 1st.

Bottoms up!

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