A few days ago we told you where you could go to dispose of you natural Christmas trees in Wichita Falls. Now it turns out we could have been eating them all along.

This takes going green to a whole new level.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, we really can eat our natural Christmas Trees. OK, it wouldn't make much of a main course, but if you haven't thrown yours out yet, this may just get you to thinking about maximizing your use of these holiday centerpieces.

U.K. based Julia Georgallis published a book called How To Eat Your Christmas Tree last October. It's available on Amazon for $14.99 in hardcover or $6.99 on your Kindle device. In the book Julia, an artisan baker and cook, discusses different ways to use our trees after December 25th.

The idea isn't quite as 'out there' as you might be thinking. For one thing, the pine needles make great garnishes on the main courses.

gkrphoto / ThinkStock
gkrphoto / ThinkStock

They even give the plate a nice festive look so you might want to keep that in mind for next season's gathering.

Her book covers several different recipes including Christmas-Cured Fish, Christmas Tree Pickles, even Christmas Tree and Ginger Ice Cream.

A quick search on YouTube revealed that Julie Georgallis isn't the only one running with the idea.

When you think about it, we actually eat a lot of plants in our day to day diet with everything from garden salads to lettuce, tomato, and pickles on our cheeseburgers. Now that I think about it, French Fries started out as potatoes. Should your Christmas tree be part of the menu? I'll leave that up to you.

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