The CES Expo in Las Vegas is proving to have some really interesting products to show off, including this robot waiter that looks ... sort of ... and acts like a cat.

The brainchild of PuduTech, the BellaBot is a programmable robot waiter that can be used in restaurants around the globe. It has a cat-like face and even acts like a cat. It purrs when you pet it, but if you pet it too long it tires of you and moves on to its next task. Pretty much like a real cat, from purr to grrr in 0.37 seconds without reason or notice.

This is actually not the first commercial delivery robot from PuduTech, their previous, more utilitarian design, is already at work in more than 2,000 restaurants and cafes worldwide.

The Consumer Electronics Show and Expo is a showcase of all things technological and keeps providing us with more useful and entertaining products year after year.

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