The Dallas Design District has seen a lot of growth by way of hotels, bars and restaurants recently and it looks like Mark Cuban and Live Nation Entertainment are adding a brand new live music venue to the mix.

According to PaperCityMag, the venue, which will be called The HiFi Dallas, will be a 25,000 square foot facility with state of the art production, lights, and sound. Hence the name of the venue, HiFi. This should give it a capacity of about 1,000 guests or concert goers with standing room only viewing from the floor level, but with premium balcony seating available. There will also be four bars so your favorite beverage isn't too far away.

The venue will be in what was an old furniture store next to the Dallas Mavericks' training facility. When open, the HiFi will have an industrial modern style and an intimate feel with floor level audiences frequently within an arm's reach of the artists on the stage.

No shows have been announced at this time, but the venue should be open in just a few months. We're really looking forward to hearing the high fidelity live sounds of The HiFi Dallas. You can read more about the venue and see artists images of what it will be like from The HiFi Dallas website.

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