Remember the last time you sat down with family or friends for a quick game of Monopoly? Remember the heated ... um ... discussion ... over who would be the Banker? Well, Hasbro has solved that problem with their new cashless and voice activated Monopoly game. Yes, you heard that right, cashless and voice activated. Players get cards that look amazingly similar to credit / debit cards and their is an automated voice-activated Banker.

With a few exceptions the game seems to be played pretty much the way we used to and the main goal is to gain wealth, or for some to simply not go bankrupt. While Ultimate Monopoly went cashless a year or so ago, the new version has a voice activated banker and will be available on Amazon on July 1st for just $29.99, pre-orders are being accepted now.

Looking at the Hasbro site it seems there are several other themed Monopoly games out there, too. Anyone up for a Game of Thrones or Deadpool Monopoly Game? Come to think of it, being the banker in the Game of Thrones version could be interesting.

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