It's hard to tell what to do these days. First masks didn't help, then they did, now nobody knows what to do any more. But that doesn't stop us from shaming our fellow Americans for doing things differently than we do. That's the finding in a new study about our social habits in these days of staying home and sheltering in place.

According to more than half of us have mentally judged someone else for failing to practice proper social distancing.

One of the few positive aspects of the arrival of coronavirus COVID-19 in our world is we're all relearning all of those basic hygiene actions that we learned as children. Of the participants in this survey 72% say they now wash their hands after using their own cell phone. Every. Single. Time.

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Another 71% say they are now routinely cleaning and disinfecting their phones.

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While we're all washing our hands more often, and honestly that's probably a good thing, we may be getting into overthink on some other aspects. A full 93% of respondents said they now only go outside when it is essential. 93%! The coronavirus is passed from one person to another via exhaled droplets, if there are no people in your immediate vicinity there is very little threat of contracting the disease. Get outside! Enjoy the sunshine, soak up some Vitamin D, it will make you feel better in many ways.

Whey they do muster up the courage to venture outside their front doors 59% say they would never visit a public place with their children, 45% will always wear a face mask, and 38% will not leave home without gloves.

The study also revealed some things that people say absolutely should not be done now. That list includes 80% saying we shouldn't visit a friend's home, 77% would not attend a religious service, and 62% said they would not even visit a family member's home. Post pandemic dating is going to be interesting, when you get it figured out let me know.

Most, if not all, of the states in the U.S. are now taking steps to relieve business and travel restrictions and it remains to be seen whether that is a wise or foolish move. For those in leadership it is a constant balancing act between taking actions that will reduce the community spread of coronavirus and taking actions that will let people get back to work. Hopefully, with a little caution and common sense, we can accomplish both.

Keep washing your hands, keep your homes and work spaces clean just like your momma taught you, keep wearing a mask in crowded environments. Enjoy the sunshine in your own back yard or neighborhood. Call a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while. Don't stop your life simply because the mainstream news media has you scared of your own shadow. Educate yourself by listening to smart people on both sides of the issues.

Stay safe, stay home when you can, think when you go out, stay Falls Strong.


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