Noah Schnacky's friendship with Jimmie Allen isn't hard to imagine. Both singers bring big energy to an out-of-the-box style of music making and professionalism. That's why Schnacky had just one request of the "Best Shot" singer when it came to his new song, "Don't You Wanna Know," and the corresponding music video.

Talking to Taste of Country, Schnacky says he just wanted Allen to be himself. Taste of Country readers can see the two on camera together during this exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of the video (the song is available now on all digital streaming platforms). At one point, Allen teaches the cast and crew his "old man two-step," a simple dance move that covers for your lack of proficiency on the dance floor.

“Nobody tells Jimmie what to do, man," Schnacky says during a phone call from Orlando, Fla. "And it was important to me that Jimmie could just be himself."

While not a mainstay on country radio yet, Schnacky represents a new generation of hitmakers who focus on streaming and social media first. Cover songs netted him 500K Instagram followers in just a few months (he's now over one million) During the pandemic, he moved to Florida and learned all about TikTok. That kind of success has built a streaming audience that major label artists with Top 40 hits would envy. He averages over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, with songs including "Hello Beautiful" and "Maybe We Will" netting 52 million and 27 million streams, respectively.

Be careful about using the word "viral" around him, however. There's nothing about this hail-fellow-well-met twenty-something that indicates a chip on his shoulder, but he's not going to be dismissed as "lucky," either.

“A lot of people would call it a viral success, but I’ve been training for a moment like TikTok my whole life," Schnacky says. "I started on Instagram posting covers. I’m not a big fan of hoping for the best and leaving the ball in other people’s court. I’m a big fan of doing what I can and leaving the rest to God.”

When around artists like Allen, he's all ears. The two are friends, but the younger singer recognizes he can learn from his contemporary as well. The best advice he's gotten is to build a good team and trust them. Then, do what you believe, "because at least then if you failed, then you know you tried. At least it was you failing, not you giving someone else the power to let you fail."

The music video for "Don't You Wanna Know" dropped earlier in June of 2021.

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