Even though Texas has been opening back up over the last few weeks, a lot of people won’t be ready to gather in big crowds until the coronavirus pandemic has subsided. Not to mention, many people took a financial hit during the pandemic, making travel unaffordable.

Fortunately, there are some cities that have plenty to offer for those opting to go the staycation route. With Memorial Day weekend approaching, WalletHub conducted a study to determine the best and worst cities for staycations.

The study compared more than 180 cities using 15 key metrics such as parks per capita, idealness of summer weather and average beer and wine price. Get the full methodology here.

Folks in Plano will be glad to know their city topped the list, while Grand Prairie and Austin both ranked in the Top 10. All-in-all, several Texas cities scored well in the study.

Here’s the Top 10:

1. Plano, TX

2. Boise, ID

3. Tampa, FL

4. Charleston, SC

5. Lincoln, NE

6. Fort Smith, AR

7. Scottsdale, AZ

8. Grand Prairie, TX

9. Austin, TX

10. Orlando, FL

Here’s the other Texas and Oklahoma cities that made the list:

19. Garland

25. Houston

26. Arlington

27. Irving

30. Laredo

31. Amarillo

35. Corpus Christi

36. Dallas

41. Tulsa

42. Fort Worth

44. Brownsville

57. Lubbock

78. San Antonio

80. El Paso

95. Oklahoma City

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