This is as Texas as it gets.

Honestly, I’m shocked that this is the first I’ve learned of the combined Whataburger and H-E-B convenience store in Hutto, Texas. Especially seeing as it has been around for almost six years now, according to Chron. The store opened in late January 2017.

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Certainly, we can agree that it’s a brilliant idea as H-E-B and Whataburger are two things that are near and dear to the hearts of Texans. Imagine being able to pick up some of your favorite H-E-B exclusive products and a patty melt in one handy dandy location. Now that’s just mind-blowing.

Another thing that’s mind-blowing is the fact that this hasn’t caught on and spread like wildfire across the Lone Star State. As far as I can tell after a couple of Google searches, the location in Hutto is one of a kind.

And I would say it’s high time for that to change.

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