I noticed something different on my way in to work today. The old Burger King restaurant across from Sikes Senter Mall is sporting a new look. And a new sign.

It looks like Wichita Falls will soon be the home of the newest restaurant for The Catch.

The old Burger King restaurant has been empty and sad-looking for quite a while so it's nice to see something new move into this location. Not being familiar with The Catch I looked them up online and it looks like a fun place to get some seafood cooked up in the Texas / Louisiana style.

The photos on the corporate page look more like a homey, mom & pop place than your typical fast food place. Their Facebook page describes it as fast casual, you place your order at the counter and they'll bring your meal out to you when it's ready.

Their menu looks pretty tempting, too. Sporting everything from shrimp to 'gator they've got quite a lineup. Fish tacos, po' boys, salads, soups, even desserts like key lime pie.

According to their Facebook page The Catch Wichita Falls should be open sometime in August. Their official address is 4004 Kemp Boulevard. That's near the intersection of Kemp and Midwestern Parkway / Callfield Road, right across the street from Sikes Senter Mall.

Personally, while I'm not a fan of shrimp (I know! I know! Everyone else LOVES it. But that's OK, more for you.), I love fried catfish and it's been a long time since I've tasted alligator (Tastes like chicken, really.), so I'll have to visit this place when they open for business.

It's kinda nice that they're right on my way home from the studio every night.

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