A little while back we told you of Airbnb's opportunity to stay at Barbie's Malibu Dream House, now here's your shot at staying in a for real (sort of) flying saucer!

It's all because of an idea that Ronald Jackson had. According to NBC Palm Springs he wanted to purchase one of those old Futuro Houses from the '60s or '70s, set it up like a UFO, and rent it out on some land he had near Joshua Tree in some property he'd named, Area 55.

While it proved more difficult than he'd expected to find and purchase a Futura House, it proved even more difficult to get it to his property. He tracked down one of the 15 or so left in the United States, came to terms with the owners, then ended up with two tractor-trailer rigs and a police escort the entire way from Wisconsin to Joshua Tree, California.

Once he got it there he had to do a lot of restoration and renovation as the structure had fallen into some disrepair over the decades.

Now that it's finished he's ready to let you spend the night via Airbnb. Follow the link for a great view of this amazing old Futuro House and its revitalization.

While it may not be an actual flying saucer from outer space, it is definitely something you'll tell your friends about.

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