The NRA is wanting to get out of New York City and many states are wanting the National Rifle Association to move their headquarters to their state. The latest one appealing is Oklahoma.

I don't think that anyone would disagree that Oklahoma is definitely a supporter of the second amendment. The state has many second amendment sanctuary counties. What would really put Oklahoma over the top as a second amendment haven would be the National Rifle Association moving their headquarters there.

The NRA is currently in New York, but they're currently in a legal battle with the state and they don't really feel welcome there. I know folks in Texas as well have also said the NRA headquarters would be welcome here. Oklahoma representative Steve Bashore is presenting his case for why the NRA should consider Oklahoma.

"Our citizens and our state Legislature have an obvious love and appreciation for our Second Amendment right to bear arms,” Bashore said in a statement. “With the association's announcement, we want to extend a welcome and open invitation to relocate to our firearm-friendly state.” The resolution says since territorial times Oklahoma has been a firearm-friendly state, and currently ranks 9th in the nation when it comes to gun sales.

The NRA has over five million members and their conference brings tens of thousands every year. We will see if this resolution catches the attention of the NRA, but so far they have not commented on where they plan on moving to.

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