A convicted sex offender has been released from prison and moved next door to his victim, his niece whom he molested when she was 7, and its perfectly legal.

Harold English of Bristow, OK was convicted of molesting his niece Danyelle when she was 7-years-old. Now that he's been released from prison, Harold has moved in with his mother, whose house shares a fence with Danyelle's family. Danyelle posted her story to Facebook, along with a link to the sex offender registry, and the words "meet my abuser and my new neighbor." While the situation has been difficult for Danyelle and her parents, Danyelle has found sharing her story to be a hard, but positive experience,

It's very empowering for me because it makes me feel like I'm making a difference and I didn't share my story for nothing. That it is bringing about positive change, and whether it affects one woman and I can help one woman then I'm completely happy with that.

According to KFOR, State Rep. Kyle Hilbert is working with lawmakers and Danyelle's family to modify the laws that have allowed Harold to move next door to his victim, which Danyelle says would only take the adding of one word,

It's adding one word in there of where it talks in, where they can and can't live, just adding 'victim' right in there along with schools and playgrounds.

A Bristow news crew tried to interview Harold and his mother about the situation, but were told to get off the property.

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