The parents were arrested and police found another child in what some consider worse conditions.

Darien Jeffers and Jazzmine Bennett have been arrested for child neglect after someone found their three-year-old walking down highway US 62 in Chickasha. A passerby noticed the girl on the highway and pulled over to find out where she lived. The girl had no idea and was hysterically crying looking for her parents. Police showed up and eventually, a woman drove up claiming to be the girl's mother.

Police asked her some questions and they found out another child was in their home. Police followed them back to their residence and were shocked to find the living conditions of the other child. The baby was in a crib that clearly had some sort of rodent feces in it. The baby's diaper had not been changed in some time and was filled with feces as well.

No diapers were found in the residence, so police used the sink to clean the baby. When the officer rinsed the baby off, little pieces of skin came off. This was because the feces had been stuck to the skin. The children were taken into protective custody.

Drug paraphernalia was found in the house as well.

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