Well, now we know where those pacifiers went.

Up in Edmond, Oklahoma there was a very strange visit at the Gentle Care Animal Hospital. One family who recently had a baby brought their dog Dovey in for a visit. The family noticed Dovey wasn't eating as much and their grandmother noticed Davey grab a pacifier off the counter. The family was worried the pacifier made him sick and they were right.

It was actually pacifiers making him sick. During an x-ray, the doctors appeared to see seven to nine pacifiers in his stomach. Surgery was done to remove them, but they were in for a surprise. Pacifier, after pacifier just came out of little Dovey. In total, twenty-one of them were in Dovey.

Dr. Chris Rispoli reminds all of us to keep an eye on our dogs. "Dog’s will eat anything, anytime and at any age so always be watching." The vet says Dovey should recover just fine.

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