The sign in front of Petco says, “All leashed pets are welcome.” So Shelly Lumpkin and Vincent Browning decided to put it to the test. And Petco passed with flying colors!

This all happened down in the Houston area when the two took their bull, Oliver, to visit. According to Browning the Petco in Humble, Texas, greeted them with open arms, and based on the videos Oliver was loving the attention.

Oliver is being trained for rodeos and other livestock shows and seems to love all of the attention he’s been getting; although he may not be aware of the views he’s getting on his Facebook page.

No word on exactly what Oliver weighs, but African Watusis regularly reach up to 1,600 pounds and those horns are pretty darned impressive.

Chalk it up as just another beautiful day in Texas when you can walk your pet bull into Petco.

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