We all know someone that shouldn't be at work right now. Some of those people just can't afford to take off from work.

The Austin City Council just passed a new ordinance for all businesses within Austin city limits to require paid sick leave. Employees get one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 64 hours. Employees could use the time on themselves or take care of a family member, and any unused time could be carried over to the next year.

Businesses found not following this new ordinance could be fined up to $500. "Our ordinance recognizes that everyone gets sick and that no one should have to choose between their job and taking care of their health. We are driving forward an ordinance that protects everyone," said Council Member Greg Casar, who sponsored the ordinance.

Some people are not so happy about this new ordinance. Local restaurant owner Tom Kenney said, "We can accommodate. If you call in sick, you have a test, you have a reason you can't work on Tuesday. We can allow you to make up a shift on another day, so you have no lost income. So why is there no accommodation in this ordinance?"

I think this something we can all agree on. We don't want to be working next to someone who has been sick. Imagine my job, radio DJ. A person who has the studio before me with the flu. Talking into that mic for hours right before I use it. Odds better be in my favor that I don't get sick from using that same mic or being in that flu room for a few hours myself.

However, a lot of people can't afford to take off. So they come into work, potentially making more people sick. Hopefully, this helps the flu not spread to others throughout the workplace and help those sick get the proper rest they need.

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