Does the thought of running out of beer absolutely terrify you? If so, stock up like a pro with PBR’s new 99-packs.

They’re called the “Family Pack” because there’s nothing like draining 99 beers in one night to bring a family together.

They come in these long, narrow boxes and it takes at least two bros to carry them.

The “Family Pack” will run you $175, which comes out to about $1.77 a can. So, you’re essentially paying for the gimmick, because at $20 for a 30-pack, each beer only costs 67 cents.

But still, it’s much more studly to show up to the party with 99 beers in tow, rather than an iddy-bitty 30-pack.

According to Delish, the 99 packs are available in 15 states, including Texas. However, it’s not clear at the moment if anyone in Wichita Falls is carrying the “Family Pack.”

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