Parker McCollum's debut single on UMG Nashville is a vocal showcase that shows total self-awareness, albeit after the fact. "Pretty Heart" is a gentleman's heartbreak song.

The Texas raised singer-songwriter puts his torment on display over a plodding arrangement of drums and guitars. The slide guitar licks that color the mix pull this lyric safely into "real country" territory. From start to finish, the focus is on McCollum's strong, centered delivery.

The newcomer doesn't show tremendous range with "Pretty Heart," but a one-song sample is not nearly enough to draw conclusions about how dynamic he is as a vocalist. His sharp songwriting and storytelling stands out. We're able to close our eyes to see him suffering, but also apply our own experiences to this Top 40 single. There's only things to like about McCollum and his debut release.

Did You Know?: McCollum has written and recorded some great breakup songs, but currently, he's in a relationship.

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Parker McCollum's "Pretty Heart" Lyrics:

I didn’t think I was a bad guy / I knew that you were good / You were golden on the inside and you loved me the best you could / I’m the one that dropped the ball / Got you high and let you fall / Let the best thing I ever had slip away.

What does that say about me / I could do ya like I did / That I could break an angel’s wings / What does that say about me / That I stood there like a fence post as you drove off in your car / What does that say about me / Now that I broke your pretty heart.

I’ve been drinking like a drunkard / In these Austin neon lights / Burnin smokes and wondering if there’s anything I’ve done right / I wish that I could go back and hang on to what I had / Get’s that’s all babe, nothing but a dream.

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus

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