Is there a wrong way to walk your dog? PETA says so.

According to a news story on FOX News, PETA has some pretty solid recommendations for the roughly 44% of us that own dogs when it comes to their daily walk.

First of all, remember that the walk is for them. This is something my father tells me repeatedly as I try to get his dog to behave on a walk. My attempts are mostly futile.

We should also let them sniff stuff. Dogs are naturally curious and while we like walking in a straight line from one place to another, they'd just as soon wander around a bit. I have a feeling my dad would agree to this one.

PETA also says we should be more involved in the walk. In other words, put down the phone and pay attention to your puppy. I'm 100% in agreement with this one. Unless the phone call is something urgent, leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy your time with your dog.

The next recommendation may surprise you. No more collars.

OK, OK, PETA is not saying we should let our dog run free with only voice commands to keep them in check, they're saying that collars are not the best way to attach a leash and strongly recommend a harness. If you've ever walked an over-excited puppy you'll know how true this is. When we first took my dad's dog out for a walk it would tug so hard on its leash that its breathing was strained. A change to a harness didn't stop the little guy from trying to pull us all over town but did make it much healthier for him.

Much to my surprise I'm actually in agreement with PETA on most of these. I would also encourage a little bit of obedience training for every dog. Being able to keep your dog under control with a simple and consistent voice command makes for a better relationship and a safer pet.

If you've got a dog, go for a walk and spend some time with it. Just remember the walk is just as much about your dog as it is about you.



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