The Alamo in San Antonio is sharing a gift from a most unexpected source. 200 pieces of Alamo history have been donated to the museum from none other than Phil Collins. Yeah, that Phil Collins. It seems he's been a fan of the Alamo and its story for years and his collection had outgrown him so he donated it to the Texas General Land Office several years ago. The first opportunity for the general public to view the collection begins, appropriately, on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. Texas Independence Day.

This is called a 'Preview' because not all of the 200 pieces will be on display. According to organizers what you will be able to see includes a a bronze cannon that was very likely used by the Mexican army's siege of the mission in 1836, the original battle orders issued by General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna himself, and many more pieces.

Kristi Miller Nichols, the Director of Archaeology, Collections, and Historical Research at the Alamo said,

We are beyond excited to finally share some of the amazing artifacts Mr. Collins so generously donated. The public has been very interested in seeing the Collins Collection. It has been an honor to care for and preserve these artifacts over the years. Personally, I cannot wait to share these items with the public that have been so inspiring to us and we hope our visitors have the same feelings.

The collection was originally donated back in 2014 and was thought to be one of the largest private collections of Alamo artifacts in the world at that time.

The "Phil Collins Collection Preview" will be on display in the Alamo Exhibit Hall from March 2nd through April 25th of this year. This is just a preview of what will ultimately be on display in the upcoming Alamo Exhibition Hall & Collections Building set to open in the spring of 2022.

Entry to see the display will be free of charge on March 2nd, and available to those who purchase a $7 audio tour for the remainder of the exhibit.

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