You may not have plastic pink flamingos in your yard, but chances are that you’ve seen them on someone else’s lawn. While some find them tacky, others think they’re fun, but one thief in Massachusetts thinks they might just be a cash cow. The person behind the theft is demanding a ransom.

Arthur O’Neil has kept around 40 of the pink lawn decorations on his lawn, and it has become an attraction of sorts in his neighborhood. He dresses the birds up for special occasions, which makes the yard even more fun to look at.

Even though the flamingos are fun, someone though they’d have their own fun.

One of the flamingos was returned last month, but attached to it was a note that said: ‘If you want Arturo and his friends, please call this number,’ the Boston Globe reported. Instead of calling the number on the note, O'Neil, 68, contacted authorities. ‘I understand the police have more important things to worry about, but it hurts,’ O’Neil told the Globe.

In the meantime, neighbors and family have pitched in to replace the flamingos. There’s no word on whether or not those plastic creations have been disturbed.

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