Rumors were spreading about this place closing for a week or so. Sadly, the rumors were true. 

Unfortunately, I never went to Cliff's Grill up in Burkburnett, but I did hear good things about the place. I heard they had some really good fried catfish. I saw some of my friends who live up in Burk talking about the place shutting down. No one could understand why. Seemed like they were doing pretty good business and it was pretty popular in town.

Looks like the previous owners are to blame. In a Facebook post, Cliff let us know why they were shutting down:

The previous two owners acquiring multiple IRS liens against the current property that houses Cliff's Grill. The final sale of the property has been pushed month to month in attempts by the previous owners to go through with the sale and then use the money to pay off the liens. However, the IRS has ultimately denied their request and the property can not be sold to me without paying the previous owners debt first. This is not something that I am financial able to do, or that I am willing to do. Therefore, Cliff's Grill will be closed in Burkburnett from this point forward.

Many in Burk are sad to see it go and I am mad I never got to try it.

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