Man! Every time I turn around something else is happening in downtown Wichita Falls.

Not long ago 8th Street Coffee House announced a move from their current location to Chelsea Plaza (also on 8th Street) sometime in June, now we know who's already making plans to move into their old location.

Krab Kingz Seafood has been operating out of a food truck in town for some time now in front of Eskimo Hut at the corner of Southwest Parkway and Kemp and they recently announced on their Facebook page that they're adding a brick and mortar location in downtown Wichita Falls. That location, in case you hadn't already guessed, is the old 8th Street Coffee House storefront.

According to their online announcement Krab Kingz Seafood Restaurant expects to be open by June 17th. That's only a month away!

That means that 8th Street Coffee House has to be out of their present location and into their new location before then. 8th Street Coffee House will be relocating to Chelsea Plaza at 8th and Lamar, just two blocks down and on the other side of the street, across from the Hamilton Building. In addition to having a little more space, their new facility will also have a drive-thru for those caffeine infusions that come in so handy in the middle of the day.

The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce is located in the Hamilton Building and recently remodeled their suite of offices, drop in for a tour and see what else is going on in our fair city. They've got a beautiful mural that covers a whole wall in their reception area. The mural was painted by Aaron Campbell, one of Wichita Falls' talented local artists, and pictures a scene along the trail next to the falls.

Krab Kingz Seafood opening a brick and mortar restaurant, 8th Street Coffee House moving to a new spot, things are happening fast in downtown Wichita Falls, blink and you miss it.

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