With bars reopening across the United States we seem to have a new problem. How to practice proper physical distancing while enjoying each other's company.

One bar in Ocean City, Maryland, has come up with a novel idea for dealing with the ongoing social impacts of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and its ensuing pandemic.

They put wheels and inner tubes on some small, round tables. The tables also have holes in the center for people to pop up through and enjoy their own little 360 degree space.

It looks like John Middlebrook was the person who shared the original video, and according to the folks at BroBible.com, the name of the bar is Fish Tales and this is one of the most Maryland things ever.

It brings up some interesting questions, though. Was this done as a legit way to keep patrons a few feet apart? Or was it done as a novelty act to get a few more people to venture forth from the safety of their homes? Perhaps it was all done just to create a viral video for marketing purposes. Whatever the reason, it does look like fun and I'd probably try it.

Then I got to thinking, what might happen when the patrons have a few drinks in them? Will they start playing bumper cars with their inner tube wrapped tables?

Then again, that might lead to a lot of laughs ... and more than a few spilled drinks.

One way or another, when you venture forth from sheltering at home you'll find yourself in a brave new world. Reengage at your own pace, stay safe, and stay Falls Strong.

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