Before I had a career in radio, I had a lot of part time jobs. Many of these were in retail. As a way to pass the time while doing something like folding t-shirts in the store in the mall or stacking cans of green beans at the grocery store, I would often break down my pay and figure out how much money I was making during the task.

Now, my part-time job hobby has become easier for anyone who isn't a math nerd like me. The website has published this new salary calculator that shows you exactly how much you end up making down to the second!

You just enter your salary and hit start and it does the rest. There's a lot of other cool features to it, too. You can compare your salary to other professions. Where do you stack up against a nurse, lawyer, or firefighter?

There's also a couple celebrity examples you can compare to. You'll probably feel poor when you see what you made in one minute compared to LaBron James or Oprah!