It happens to every couple with kids, but Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd seem to be taking it in stride — literally.

On Instagram, the reality television star and famous blogger offered a photo with her husband, taking a brisk walk on a clear Oklahoma afternoon. It's their new thing, because they needed to find a new thing. Caring for children won't be their 'thing' much longer.

"Ladd and I are actively trying to establish new activities together as the empty next approaches," she writes.

Does anyone else feel real old right now? America watched her kids grow up for years on the Pioneer Woman TV show, and now they're just ... gone?

Who Are Ree Drummond's Kids?

In order of oldest to youngest, Ree and Ladd Drummond's kids are Alex (born in 1997), Paige (1999), Bryce (2002) and Todd (2004). Fans know that in 2018 they adopted a teenager named Jamar, who was friends with the couples' sons and also played football with them. He turned 18 in 2020, making him about the same age as Bryce.

It's Todd that the 53-year-old is talking about this week, however. He's leaving for college in five weeks, she shares. This means that with her daughters out of the house (Alex was married in May 2021) and her older boys at college, she'll have no children at home to care for.

Here is what we know about Todd Drummond's plans: After taking over as quarterback for his older brother Bryce, he committed to playing for the University of South Dakota in 2023. That announcement came in June, before his senior season. However, it appears his final year went without a significant setback and in November he was able to play his final football game. Here is a photo Alex shared on Instagram.

attachment-Todd Drummond Sister Football Photo

Todd leaving for college in January means he's graduated early and will begin preparing for the Fall 2023 football season early with his new team. It all looks to have left his mom and dad a little sad, and maybe a little bored.

"I couldn't wait to share the news," Ree Drummond says of she and her husband's second-straight walk.

"As we walk, we pick up trash that has blown in from Kansas. So at least Ladd can tell himself he's working and not just walking."

In September, Ree and Todd graced the cover of the Pioneer Woman magazine. Her older son is a linebacker for the University of North Texas.

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