Pastor Robert Jeffress made it clear that Trump's alleged affairs with a porn star and a Playboy Playmate of the Year do not impact his or other Evangelicals' opinion of the president.

Speaking to Fox News, Jeffress admitted that Evangelicals were well aware of President Trump's personal behavior, but that didn't matter in their choice to vote for him:

Evangelicals still believe in the commandment: Thou shalt not have sex with a porn star. However, whether this president violated that commandment or not is totally irrelevant to our support of him.

Evangelicals knew they weren’t voting for an altar boy when they voted for Donald Trump. We supported him because of his policies and his strong leadership.

Though both President Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels have denied the affair, Daniels was reportedly paid $130,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement about their affair, but Daniels is now suing the President saying the agreement is invalid since it wasn't signed by Trump.

Critics have pointed out the irony of the continued support of President Trump and the opinion that his affairs don't matter after the time and resources put forth in the impeaching of President Clinton for lying about an affair. But for Jeffress, his friendship with the president is all that matters,

I‘m his friend. I will never walk away.

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