Last week, Jimmy Kimmel and Eric Stonestreet made a terrible World Series bet. Kimmel was going for the New York Mets. Stonestreet was going to the Kansas City Royals. Whoever’s team lost the World Series would have to jump in a bounce house for 1 minute while the other person shoots them with a paintball gun.

Well, the World Series came to an end Sunday night when the Royals won game 5 in extra innings with a final score of 7 to 2. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was time for Jimmy to pay up.

They decided to alter the rules a little bit. Eric said instead of a minute, he'd go for only 30 seconds, but he invited some extra guns along with him. Royals players Mike Moustakas, Jeremy Guthrie, and Drew Butera also had paintball guns. There was one added surprise; when the shooting started, Seth Rogen decided to get in on the fun.

Check out the video and give Jimmy some credit for being such a good sport. Take this advice though, don't bet against the Royals.


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