Sam Hunt looks back at what could have been in an unreleased new song called "Came the Closest." The country star shared a snippet of the song's demo on Instagram on Thursday (June 24).

The first verse of the song paints Hunt as "Mr. Right": clean-cut and going to a 9-5 job in a suit and tie, polite to to the woman who could have been his mother-in-law, drinking beer instead of whiskey.

"Oh, but that ain't right," Hunt sings to lead into the chorus: "'Cause I always gotta know what's behind the other door / I'm never gonna be that straight-laced Sunday-morning man you were lookin' for / Nobody's ever tied me down in a clapboard house, some kids and a bed of roses / But you came the closest ..."

Hunt notes in the post's caption that this version of the song is a "rough acoustic demo." The recording is a bit scratchy, and it's nothing more than his voice and an acoustic guitar, but the emotion is still there. The post cuts the recording off at about 1 minute and 15 seconds in — just after he explains, "We never married, 'cause I never asked / I left the diamond under the glass" — leaving fans with quite the cliffhanger.

Hunt released his most recent album, Southside, in April of 2020, but throughout 2021, he's been teasing that more new music is on the horizon. Even in mid-2020, he hinted that he was working on something new, after having to cancel his tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hunt hasn't shared any firm plans to release whatever new music he's been working on, but his fans are used to having to wait. Southside, his sophomore album, arrived five years after his debut, 2015's Montevallo.

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