Looks like I won’t be dipping my toe in the Rio Grande any time soon.

What is going on with the alligator sightings here in Texas lately? I realize they’ve always been around in the southeastern part of the state, but it seems like they’ve been popping up in other parts of the Lone Star State more frequently.

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In June of 2021, pictures of alligators in multiple North Texas lakes started to circulate. There were those who were skeptical about the authenticity of the photos by Texas Parks and Wildlife photographer Sam Kieschnick confirmed that he had spotted a few dozen alligators in lakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Prior to that in 2018, the Army Corps of Engineers shared a picture of an alligator at Lake Texoma, confirming a longstanding rumor that there were alligators at the lake.

And now, thanks to the Texas Guard, we have a video of a gator poking its head out of the water in the Rio Grande.

In much less surprising news, folks on Twitter think we need a few more in there to help secure our southern border.

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