Unraveling the Lone Star State: Texas' Regions According to the Hilarious Wisdom of an Old-Timer!

The man in the video at the bottom of this article has gone viral for breaking down Texas into seven unique regions based on his personal experiences.

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He's using broad generalizations in his categorizations because we all know plenty of women in Austin who shave their legs. Of course, we might just know more who live there that don't, so he's definitely on to something here.

West Texas

The only comment my man makes about West Texas is that there are a bunch of flat ranches. Checks out.

Dallas Snobs

"Up north, you have the Dallas snobs with their Mercedez." Well, gosh, that's pretty spot on, too. Even the ones who can't afford expensive cars figure out a way to get one. It's all about keeping up that appearance up there.


The Carcinogenic Coast

Hearing this man call Houston the carcinogenic coast almost made us spit out our coffee. There are a lot of factories spewing smoke out into the air, that's for sure.

Where Tex Meets Mex

So, he claims he's talking about the food, but we have a sneaking suspicion he's talking about something else entirely.

The Peoples Republic of Austin


Ok, if you have a sense of humor, this is funny, but I will take up for Austin, it's a really awesome place. Some of the nicest, most friendly people in Texas live there. By the way, those hairy-legged women usually don't wear tops when they hang out at Barton Springs so there's that.

The Panhandle

Life Behind the Pine Curtain

If we're being honest here, most Texans don't even consider east Texas as part of the state. Sorry, not sorry.


Check out the video below:


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