People seriously need to chill out.

I realize road rage has always been a thing. But thanks to everyone carrying a video camera around in their pocket these days, the world gets to witness pretty much every single instance of it.

It’s been particularly bad here in Texas lately. It feels like I watch a crazy new road rage video out of the Lone Star State every single day.

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A lot of it has to do with just how fast our cities are growing. Just the other day I shared a story about the hottest destinations for movers in 2022 and Houston topped the list. Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin were also ranked in the Top 10.

So, I feel like the state’s infrastructure is overwhelmed by the rapid population growth. I travel to Dallas-Fort Worth quite a bit and there’s always road construction to deal with. You can tell many state and local governments are trying to make it easier to get around but to no avail.

And I really believe that has a lot to do with all the road rage incidents I’ve been seeing here lately.

But that’s still no excuse to take it to the extreme when someone pisses you off on the highway. Maybe cuss them a little under your breath and move on.

Now, I don’t know who or what led to the man pulling a shotgun on the other guy in the below video. But I do know that it wasn’t possibly worth risking their lives or jail time over it.

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