Let's see, what have we had shortages of so far this year? Toilet Paper was worth its weight in gold for a while. We all tried to buy hand sanitizer at the same time and found empty shelves. Bicycles were hard to find earlier this summer. Coins have been scarce for a little while. Now it looks like we can add that summer time classic, Slip 'N Slide to the list.

According to a story on BoingBoing.net (doncha just love that name?), Slip 'N Slides have been disappearing from store shelves in record numbers this summer.

Apparently the whole coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic thing has us rethinking our summer entertainment plans and we're sticking closer to home, revisiting family pastimes from the '80s. Seriously, how many movies can you stream on your iPad before you go stir crazy?

TMZ reported several months ago that sales of the back yard build your own waterpark slide toy were slipping out of control. In fact there were 10 consecutive days in April where Slip 'N Slide sales doubled each day and it got to the point where Wham-O stopped taking online orders in order to conserve the stock they had on hand.

The Slip 'N Slide wasn't the only Wham-O product that was ... ahem ... flying off the shelf. Orders for the humble Frisbee flying disc were up 500% earlier this year!

The Frisbee has been around since 1948 and I cannot begin to count the hours that I've spent tossing one around with friends. Not to mention the more recent popularity of Frisbee golf.

It makes one wonder what retro pastime toy will be the next to make a comeback in these days of staying home and avoiding crowds. The Super Ball? The Hula Hoop? The Hacky sack? If they make an adult sized Big Wheel I'm in.

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