The show has been going strong since 2005 and one of the stars is taking his fortune into the beer business. 

I will be honest, I have personally only watched bits and pieces of the TV show 'Supernatural'. Now that one of the stars is getting into beer, I will start paying attention. Jensen Ackles is one of the main stars of the show and he is teaming up with his brother in law to open a brewery in the Texas Hill Country.

They have appropriately named it the Family Business Beer Company. They want to make it a destination brewery. They will of course have beer, from session IPAs to barrel-aged stouts. They also plan to have live music, outdoor games and food trucks.

If you're interested in keeping up with the process of the building of the brewery. They do have a Facebook page. Jensen will not be there for a lot of the construction because he will be in Canada filming the thirteenth season of 'Supernatural'. Got to pay for all that construction.

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