We all have at least one drawer, closet, or room filled with ... stuff. Sometimes new stuff, sometimes old stuff, sometimes important stuff, sometimes just ... stuff. And it seems all that clutter bothers us.

A new YouGov study commissioned by the online resale site Mercari revealed some interesting trends with regard to how we deal with all that stuff.

According to a story on PRNewswire, 63% of us say we have too much stuff and 37% say it has caused "extreme anxiety" in our lives. In fact, 21% of the people in the survey said they'd actually lost sleep over the clutter in their lives.

In response to the accumulation of things, almost one fifth of Americans resolved to clear the clutter in 2020. Some will do this by simply re-gifting things they received over the holidays, some by reorganizing, some by selling things, and some will simply give it or throw it away. There's one room in my house that becomes the temporary resting place for things I got for a specific reason like leftover photo project pieces, and what-not that simply don't have a final destination in my home. After it gets cluttered enough I'll go through it, find places for the things I might need again and throw out the rest.

While we've all got some things in our closets and garages that we could probably part with and not even notice, some of that clutter may have a lot of sentimental or historical value to it. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is what.

Remember though, it's not hoarding if it's cool stuff.


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