Wild West Showdown: Texan Confronts Suspected Car Thief.

As is tradition, we're breaking down the video at the bottom of this article with absolutely no context whatsoever. The title of the Tweet says this takes place in Dallas, Texas.


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The video opens with the cameraman pointing a gun with a very long clip in it at another man who is laying on the ground on his stomach.



Can You Even Drive a Stick?

The man with the gun (MWTG) is claiming the man on his stomach (MOHS) was trying to steal his car. Apparently, this is a manual shift car.  MWTG poses a great question.  He asks MOHS if he even knows how to drive a stick.


The Cops are Here

At this point, the camera cuts and we skip head a little into the future.  The cops are arriving and they place MOHS in handcuffs.


Nice Guy

MWTG at this point asks the officers if he can give MOHS's phone back to him.  What a thoughtful thing to do.


The cops place MOHS in the back of the squad car, and the MWTC asks himself, "What's wrong with these fellows?"

Check out the video for yourself below!



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