Plane Crash Victims Video Crash from Inside Cockpit
Here’s reason number 147 that I am NOT a fan of tiny little aircraft.  None of these people seem to be over a buck seventy-five.  I have doubts that a big boy like myself would fare so well.  Then again, I might bounce better.  These poor souls were on a short exc…
Check Out an Amazing Panoramic Photo of Mars
The internet has been having a lot of fun with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. There were a whole bunch of memes. And, of course, there’s mohawk guy Bobak Ferdowsi, who’s successfully bridged the gap between geek and punk.
But the real fun is going to begin when…
Girl With No Hands Wins Penmanship Award
Despite being born with no hands, Annie Clark is a pretty normal kid. She dresses herself, drinks soda from a can she opens, types on her computer and hopes to one day write a book about animals. Oh, and the seven-year-old just won a trophy and $1,000 in a national penmanship competition.
Oklahoma Woman Recovers Dog and Wedding Ring After Tornado
On Sunday, a tornado tore a swath of destruction through Woodward, OK, tragically killing six people and destroying homes and businesses. Emilee Neagle and her family lost their home and belongings in the destructive storm, but, miraculously, the family dog and her prized wedding ring were recovered…

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