love and theft

5 Unforgettable Country Christmas Traditions
Just like you, country music's biggest stars look forward to visiting with family, eating and maybe bickering across the table this Christmas. They carry on traditions that are heartfelt, funny, strange and flat-out unforgettable.
Love and Theft, ‘If You Ever Get Lonely’ – Song Review
'If You Ever Get Lonely,' the new single from Love and Theft, makes vanilla taste like chili powder. The song was previously recorded by former Bad English singer John Waite, and Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson do little to put their individual marks on the story or production.
Love and Theft, ‘Love and Theft’ – Album Review
For Love and Theft, it’s addition by subtraction. The loss of a record label and a band member resulted in a project that is tighter and more accessible than anything on the group’s 2009 debut album. The best songs on ‘Love and Theft‘ are those that t…