If you own land near the border, looks like the United States is willing to buy it off you. 

Looks like Trump is pushing forward with his plans for that wall separating Mexico and the United States of America. Some residents who live near the border in Texas have received letters from the government offering payment for their land. Yvette Salinas lives near the Rio Grande and received one of the letters.

The letter sent by Department Of Justice that her 1.2 acres was worth $2,900, according to a story in the Texas Observer. She told the Observer that the family’s 16 acres has been in her family for five generations. The government’s letter asks recipients to sign in order to receive compensation, acknowledge that they “do not have an interest” in the case or do not intend to make a claim. It doesn’t really say what landowners should do if, like Salinas, they don’t want to sell their land.

Salinas actually called the letter 'scary' and it seems like the government is forcing you to sign over your land. She has consulted a lawyer about keeping the property. Trump may be facing a bigger problem according to the Observer. Looks like 33 percent of the land is currently federal or tribal land. Trump would need congressional approval to secure that land for a wall.

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