The parents are freaking out a little bit because they hate the Longhorns.

Samantha Perkins and her husband went in for an ultrasound to check on the health of their baby this past week. She is twenty-one weeks pregnant, and at this point you can make out the baby's fingers and toes. Well, those fingers were caught in the ultrasound photo doing the famous University of Texas Hook'em Horns sign.

Most Texans would think this is awesome. Not Samantha, she is a ride or die Texas A&M Aggie. She is a fourth generation Aggie and that is where she met her husband. "My husband and I were in the Corps of Cadets and I was in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, so we definitely bleed maroon," Perkins told KVUE. She jokingly said, if this means the baby gets a full ride to the University of Texas, they wouldn't turn it down.

Always have to be thinking about that future tuition payment. All I have to say is, remember the Hook'em Horns hand sign could also be the Devil Horns. Maybe you guys are just raising a new generation metalhead? Look at it that way if the Longhorns rub you the wrong way.

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