Texas Officers Use Force to Arrest Man – What Really Happened?

The video at the bottom of this article was recorded on the infamous 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

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These five police officers are attempting to get a very large man to cooperate with them.


As the cops threaten to mace him and punch him in the face, he just swats them off like King Kong does to the airplanes at the the end of the movie when he's on top of the Empire State Building.

Pow, Right in the Kisser

At this point, the officer who had been threatening to punch the man in the face does just that. We don't know what the guy did to gain the ire of these cops, but punching a man in the face when his arms are being held by two other people is bad form, to say the least.


Insult to Injury

The man goes to the ground after that punch, so at this point, one would think one of the five police officers might be able to get the handcuffs on the guy, but he is still putting up a fight. One of the other cops begins TASERing the man while the cop who originally punched the man hits him three more times in the face.


What Did He Do?

Was this excessive force or not? Hard to say without knowing what, if any, crime he committed.

Check out the video below:

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