Tori Monaco from Austin, TX and Berkley Cade ended up surprising each other by picking the same moment to propose.

During a family game night of Pictionary, Tori Monaco was guessing while her girlfriend Berkley Cade was drawing. While Berkley was drawing, Tori began what she had been planning for months and got down on one knee, pulling out a ring, and saying, "Hey Berk, will you marry me?" Berkley turned around with her jaw dropping in shock. Off camera, a member of the family says, "Show her Berk!", then Berkley pulls out the ring she had been hiding to propose to Tori.

Tori was in disbelief, believing that it was a set up from the family, but was assured it was just a freak accident that the family had a hard time keeping quiet on. Tori got caught up in the moment and was about to put on the ring from Berkley, before remembering her plan and telling Berkley to stand back up because she asked her first. Afterwards, the happy couple took to Twitter to show off their new rings and officially announce their engagement.

via Twitter
via Twitter

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