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We do our best to warn you about scams in our area. Sadly, some people do fall for these and end up losing money. Sometimes, a lot of money. I feel bad for the older people that fall for them because they don't know any better. Plus, they're usually on a fixed income. These people that try to scam you over the phone are scum.

Ryan Patrick is a federal judge in Southern Texas. Thanks to the help of the authorities, he was able to sentence 21 individuals to twenty years in prison for attempting to scam them. The scammers lived in New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, California, Alabama and Florida.

They participated in an India-based fraud and money laundering scheme that stole hundreds of millions of dollars from thousands of U.S. residents. The scams, based out of call centers in India, used various telephone frauds, including calls from con artists who pretended they were from the Internal Revenue Service. These criminals threatened people with arrest or lawsuits unless they paid some bogus tax debt.

Remember folks, the IRS will not call you over the phone. You will receive a written notice in the mail if they need to talk to you. These scammers say you can pay using prepaid gift cards. Once again, the IRS will NEVER do this. Just remember these things so you don't fall for one, but glad to see some of these people will finally get what is coming to them.

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